Adventure Font

Adventure Font is an eye-catching fancy comic font that conjures feelings of adventure and discovery. Designed by Nick Curtis in 2006 this font features large, chunky letters with uneven hand-drawn edges that give it a playful and energetic vibe.

The irregular lines and rough texture of Adventure Font lend it a retro vintage style reminiscent of classic adventure books, films and posters from the mid-20th century. Its tall condensed letters allow designers to make powerful headlines and titles that jump off the page. With alternates and ligatures that further enhance its handmade appearance Adventure Font injects a feeling of thrill-seeking freedom into any project.

With its bold personality, this vehicle is ideal for commanding attention. Designers looking to evoke a sense of excitement, wanderlust and discovery would do well to use the Adventure Font.

Who used Adventure Font?

  • Travel companies have utilised Adventure Font in advertisements and logos to promote a spirit of adventure. For example, tour operators offering trekking, rafting or safari packages have used the font to capture a feeling of excitement.
  • Outdoor brands like Patagonia, The North Face and REI have used Adventure Font in posters, brochures, and signage. Its earthy handmade look aligns well with their messaging and products.

-Book covers and movie posters wanting to capture a sense of exploration have relied on Adventure Font. Its retro style harkens back to classic adventure titles and films.

  • Comic books, board games and video games dealing with adventure themes have incorporated Adventure Font into their cover art and logos. It helps set an adventurous tone and mood.
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes with an adventurous, explorer vibe have used Adventure Font for menus, signboards and packaging. It gives a relaxed yet exciting energy.
  • Music album covers and event/festival promotions focused around adventure, discovery or the outdoors have also made use of Adventure Font’s bold eye-catching lettering.

Adventure Font Family Appearance

Adventure Font Free Download


NameAdventure Font
DesignerPixel Sagas
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use

Family of Adventure Font

Adventure Font Free Download

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Supported Languages

English – Spanish – French – German – Italian – Portuguese – Swedish – Norwegian – Danish – Icelandic – Dutch – Finnish – Polish – Czech – Hungarian – Romanian – Turkish – Greek – Russian – Ukrainian – Bulgarian – Serbian – Croatian – Slovenian – Slovak – Belarusian – Macedonian – Latvian – Lithuanian – Estonian – Maltese – Vietnamese – Indonesian – Tagalog – Welsh – Catalan – Irish – Scots Gaelic – Basque – Breton – Luxembourgish – Corsican – Albanian – Occitan – Manx Gaelic – Latin – Esperanto – Scots – Volapük – Asturian, Walloon – Hawaiian – Greenlandic – Faroese – Sami and Cornish.

FAQs About Adventure Font

  • What types of projects is Adventure Font best suited for?

Adventure Font works well for designs related to travel, nature, exploration, action sports and anything with an energetic retro vibe. It’s ideal for logos, headers, posters, signage and advertising.

  • What are some tips for using Adventure Font effectively?

Use it sparingly and in short bursts of text. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Increase tracking to improve legibility. Pair it with sans serif fonts. Use alternates and ligatures to add interest. Keep accompanying designs simple.

  • What colours work well with Adventure Font?

Earth tones like greens, browns, golds and burnt orange complement its vintage look. Bold primaries like red, blue and yellow also pair nicely and make it pop. Avoid light pastels.

  • Is Adventure Font legible at small sizes?

No, Adventure Font is a display font meant primarily for headlines not body text. It’s legible starting around 18 points but ideally 24 points and up. The uneven lines can cause readability issues at very small sizes.

  • What file formats is Adventure Font available in?

It’s available for desktop and web use in formats like.OTF,.TTF,.EOT,.SVG,.WOFF,  and WOFF2. Web fonts are optimised for screen display.

  • Is Adventure Font free to use for commercial projects?

No, Adventure Font is a premium font that requires a licencing fee for commercial use. Personal non-commercial projects may use it for free. Always check the licence for terms of use.

  • What is the difference between the regular and alternate versions?

The alternate version has a more handwritten sketchy look with additional flourishes. It provides more options for giving display text a unique eye-catching style.