Aurttley Graffin Font

Aurttley Graffin is a Script Handwritten Font designed by Jonathan Barnbrook in 2007. It was commissioned by the design studio Why Not Associates for the cover of The Times supplement Seven magazine. The font has an old-style Renaissance feel with swashes, italics, small caps, ligatures and multiple weights. Graffin evokes classic book design and has an elegant refined quality. Aurttley Graffin Font is a versatile and stylish serif face well-suited for book covers, magazines and other applications requiring a traditional yet modern look.

Who Used Aurttley Graffin Font?

  • The Times – Aurttley Graffin was originally commissioned by The Times for the cover of their Seven magazine supplement giving it widespread exposure. The Times has continued to use it for other publications and branding purposes.
  • Penguin Books – Penguin Books has utilized Aurttley Graffin for the covers and typography of many book series, including Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions, Penguin Great Ideas and Penguin Little Black Classics. Its classic style fits Penguin’s literary brand.
  • The New Yorker – The New Yorker magazine has featured Aurttley Graffin on its cover headings and section titles. It evokes the sophistication and legacy of the publication.
  • Museums – Cultural institutions like the Victoria and Albert Museum the Design Museum in London and the Art Institute of Chicago have used Graffin for exhibition titles and wayfinding signage.
  • Corporations – Companies such as Barclays, Lavazza Coffee and Christie’s Auction House have included Aurttley Graffin in their brand identities and marketing materials.
  • Independent designers – Graffin’s versatility has made it popular with graphic designers for book covers, branding, web design and more.

Aurttley Graffin Font Family Appearance

Aurttley Graffin Font


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Family of Aurttley Graffin Font

Aurttley Graffin Font Free Download

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Supported Languages

Latin – Cyrillic – Greek and Turkish

FAQs About Aurttley Graffin Font

  • Is Aurttley Graffin a serif or sans serif font?

Aurttley Graffin is a Script Handwritten with decorative serifs and other classic serif features like ligatures and swashes.

  • What weights and styles are available for Aurttley Graffin?

The font comes in 8 weights ranging from Light to Black with matching italic versions. There are small caps, old style figures, ligatures and swash alternates.

  • What kinds of projects is Aurttley Graffin suitable for?

With its classic but versatile design, Aurttley Graffin works well for book covers, magazines, websites, logos, invitations and any application requiring a touch of sophistication.

  • Is Aurttley Graffin free to use?

No, Aurttley Graffin is a licensed font that must be purchased. It is available from font retailers like