Lato Font

The word ‘Lato’ derives from ‘Summer’, which was designed by Łukasz Dziedzic, a popular font designer known for his incredible work throughout his career. In 2014, additional updates were made to the Lato font, and they came up with an additional version that was named Lato 2.0. This font contains many characters that make it an ideal choice for small text. This font is highly recommended when you want to make your project stand out.

Lato Font Family Appearance

Lato Font Free Download


License: Personal and Commercial Use!
Font Type: Free
Format: OTF, TTF
File Size: 488 KB
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Family of Lato Font

Lato Font Free Download

You can download this top-notch font by clicking on the download button below. The file is free for personal use only.

Supported Languages

English, Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, Runic, Thai, Extended Latin, and many more languages and scripts

FAQs About Lato Font

  • Who is the creator of Lato Font?

Lato Font was created by Łukasz Dziedzic.

  • Is Lato Font free for commercial use?

Yes, Lato Font is available for both personal and commercial use. It comes with an open-source license, making it accessible for various projects.

  • How can I download and install Lato Font?

You can download and install the Lato font from Dafont1.

  • Is Lato Font suitable for logo and branding design?

Yes, Lato Font is often used in logo and branding design due to its modern and friendly appearance, making it suitable for conveying a contemporary brand image.