Raverist Font

Raverist is a decorative Font created in 2021 by Indonesian designer PutraCetol Studio. Inspired by rave culture and electronic dance music, Raverist features a techno, futuristic look with sharp edges, neon colors and a pixelated aesthetic. Though initially designed just for display purposes Raverist has seen some functional use in flyers, posters and other promotional materials in the EDM scene. Its eye-catching style aims to evoke the high-energy atmosphere of raves and nightclubs.

Who Used Raveirst Font?

  • As mentioned in the intro the font was made with the rave and EDM scene in mind. So it has likely been used by graphic designers, event promoters, DJs and music producers within that community.
  • Its visual style lends itself well to flyers, posters, apparel, album covers and more related to raves, clubs and electronic music. So it has likely been used for those types of promotional materials.
  • However since it is a relatively new and niche font it has not likely seen widespread mainstream usage yet outside of the electronic music community. Its usage is probably still quite limited.
  • No specific high-profile uses or major brands using Raverist have been documented at this point. Its adoption seems to still be at an early stage.

Raverist Font Family Appearance


License: Personal Use Only!
Font Type: Free
Format: OTF, TTF
Total Files: 1

Family of Raverist Font

Raverist Font Free Download

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Supported Languages

  • As a decorative display font Raverist includes only uppercase Latin characters and numerals by default. No lowercase or alternate glyphs are included.
  • The uppercase Latin character set should allow use in English as well as other Latin-based languages like Spanish, French, Italian etc. But support may be limited.
  • No documentation indicates support for Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic or other non-Latin alphabets.
  • As a purely display face Raverist lacks the legibility and clarity for extended body text in any language. It is best used sparingly as a stylized accent.
  • Some users have noted that Raverist’s pixelated techno style may not be culturally suitable for some scripts like elegant calligraphy.
  • The font’s creators have not indicated plans to expand language support beyond the default uppercase Latin glyph set.
  • Users looking for multi-language support may need to supplement Raverist with a more functional Font family within their designs.

FAQs About Raverist

  • Is Raverist free to use?

yes you can download it for free on Dafont1

  • What fonts is Raverist similar to?

Raverist has a futuristic techno style similar to fonts like OCR-A, Zeitung, Orbitron and other pixel/techno fonts.

  • What types of projects is Raverist suitable for?

With its rave and electronic music inspiration, Raverist works well for flyers, posters, apparel, album art and promotions in that scene.

  • Does Raverist have multiple weights or styles?

No, Raverist only comes in a single weight and style – the version with neon gradients and sharp pixelated letters.