Region Font

Region is a unique and visually striking Sans Serif Font designed by Kemie Guaida in 2003. With its geometric letterforms and stylized curves Region evokes a postmodern tech-savvy aesthetic that was prevalent in the early 2000s. Its distinct personality and quirky vibe lend themselves well to projects that call for a modern futuristic look.

Who Used Region Font?

  • Region was originally designed for the thank-you cards and branding of an art exhibition in the Netherlands called ‘Walk in the Woods’. This first practical application shows its artistic and cultural roots.
  • In the 2000s and early 2010s Region was often seen in tech product interfaces, web headings and graphics needing a futuristic look. Brands like Intel, Microsoft and utilized Region for its technological vibe.
  • Recently fashion and lifestyle bloggers and influencers have embraced Region for social media posts, merchandise and website headlines wanting a sleek, modern aesthetic.
  • Region is frequently spotted in contemporary marketing for events, apps and youth-oriented products wanting to capture a whimsical approachable quality. Companies like Dropbox, Tumblr and Spotify have used Region.
  • Nonprofit organizations and creative agencies focused on social impact campaigns have applied Region for its humanistic friendliness paired with modern simplicity.
  • Independent artists, musicians and designers include Region in posters, album artwork, packaging and custom designs needing a display font that pops.
  • Region’s cultural crossover appeal is clear as it spans technology and artistic sectors, corporate and nonprofit worlds mainstream and indie applications. Its diversity speaks to the malleability of Region.

Region Font Family Appearance


License: Personal Use Only!
Font Type: Free
Format: OTF, TTF
Total Files: 1

Family of Region Font

Region Font Free Download

If you wish to download this fancy-looking font for free then let’s just get started on the new journey of designing, you just have to click the “Download Now” button below and have fun.

Region Font is available for free download for PERSONAL USE. Link to purchase full version and commercial license : HERE

Supported Languages

  • As a Latin Font, Region contains all necessary accented and diacritic characters required for Western European languages that use the Latin script. This includes support for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and more.
  • The font includes glyphs for Central and Eastern European Latin-based languages such as Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian and Turkish. The extended character set allows full support for these languages.
  • This Font also supports Baltic languages like Latvian and Lithuanian due to inclusion of the Baltic character set. The unique accented letters and digraphs of these languages are fully supported.
  • For Nordic languages, Region Font contain characters like Ø, Æ, Å, Ð and the eth (Ð). This enables writing in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic and Faroese.
  • Support for Vietnamese and many African languages using the Latin script is enabled by Region’s expansive set of accented characters and diacritics.
  • While not a truly universal or multi-script Font Region’s Latin character set is large enough to facilitate writing in dozens of world languages – especially European and American languages.
  • The font’s geometric letterforms also allow it to be combined with other scripts like Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic or Indian scripts for a complementary multilingual look.

FAQs About Region Font

  • What are the distinguishing features of Region?

Key features include its rounded rectangles, elegant tapering strokes, detached ‘a’ bowl and mix of geometric shapes. This lends it a tech-inspired yet friendly look.

  • Is Region Serif or Sans-Serif?

Region is classified as a Sans-Serif Font, given its lack of serifs and geometric letterforms. But its soft curves give it a bit of humanist sans-serif flavor.

  • Is Region font free to use?

Yes you can download Region Font for free on Dafont1