Segoe UI Font

Segoe UI is a versatile and modern typeface that has become a popular choice for digital interfaces and print materials. Segoe UI Font’s clean and legible design makes it ideal for website content, user interfaces and branding. One of the notable aspects of Segoe UI is its readability, even at small sizes making it a practical choice for body text.

The font’s elegant curves and balanced proportions give it a contemporary feel while still maintaining a sense of professionalism. Segoe UI Basic Sans Serif Font also offers various weights and styles, allowing designers to create visually appealing layouts with ease. Whether used in headings or paragraphs, Segoe UI brings a sense of sophistication to any project.

Segoe UI Font Appearance

Segoe UI Font Free Download


Licence: Personal Use Only!
Font Type: Free
Format: TTF
Total Files: 1

Family of Segoe UI Font

Segoe UI Font Free Download

If you need a beautiful-style font that makes your project more effective then just click on the download button below and enjoy this font.

FAQs About Segoe UI Font

  • Who designed the Segoe UI font?

The Segoe UI was designed by Steve Matteson at Agfa Monotype.

  • What languages does Segoe UI Font support?

Segoe UI supports a wide range of languages, including Latin-based scripts such as English, French, Spanish and many others.

  • Where can I download the Segoe font?

You can download the Segoe font from Dafont1.